Letter of recommendation

The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to provide objective and comprehensive information about a particular person or organization, enterprise or institution. Most often, a letter of recommendation is a personal review of the employer of an employee or a teacher about a student, usually with a surety for him, which he may present a particular or to any potential employer. The recommendation may come, in turn, as a private person, and from the organization.

A letter of recommendation contains the following sections:

  1. Header.
  2. As duration and in what capacity you know the referee.
  3. Confirmation of the work in the company - what, where, how and when you did (for example: "working with such and such on such-there is something" or "participated in such a project as such and such").
  4. Brief description (What are your key achievements may mark the referee. What are your strengths can be noted referee).
  5. The letter must be on company letterhead, stamped and signed (print optional but desirable).
  6. Contact information: title, surname, name the person who signs a letter of recommendation, and its telephone number, to be able to confirm the recommendation.

A letter of recommendation - a document which provides employers, teachers or acquaintances at the request of those who want to move to another job or applies for a scholarship, grant, etc. But, because the people who are usually asked to write similar letters, very busy , then by the applicants have to write letters to themselves about how cool you are. Therefore, you must not overdo the praise, and try to come to write objectively.

In American letters of recommendation phrase "recommendation letter" states are very rare. Recommendation letter is issued as a cover, that is, first written address, then the date of writing letters and appeals, often the phrase "To whom it may concern".

The aim of any letter of recommendation is to provide objective in-depth information about a particular person (natural person) or an organization, enterprises, institutions (legal entity). Most often, a letter of recommendation is a personal review of the employer of an employee, usually with a guarantee of him, which he may present a particular or to any potential employer. The recommendation may come, in turn, as a private person, or on behalf of the legal.

A letter of recommendation must necessarily contain the following information:

Confirmation of the fact and timing of the organization, a summary of positions held and duties performed (for a letter of recommendation from an individual in this paragraph indicate over what period of time and in what capacity the writer of the letter knows that recommended). From the list of duties should be visible qualifications recommended. If the recommended he held various positions, the data on positions and carried out the responsibilities specified for each period of time . Example: John Smith worked for the "Sigma" from March 12, 1998 to March 16, 2002, including 12 March 1998 to March 16, 2002 - a manager of trade and purchasing department, from 17 March to 25 November 2002 - as a senior manager in the same department. His responsibilities as a manager was to organize the supply of components, a senior manager - in the organization of interaction between firms, suppliers of components and production.

A brief description of professional, business and personal as a guide and its achievements during his work in the organization. Should abandon such common words as a reliable, competent, honest, etc., and focus on the specific facts describing the recommended terms of its competencies, the ability to cope with certain tasks. Here you can focus on categories such as level of knowledge and diligence in the performance of the main duties and ability to cope with non-standard tasks, ingenuity, creativity, learning ability, the ability to adapt to different situations, emotional stability, leadership. Here can also give a rough comparison of the recommended with the work of his colleagues, indicate the most significant achievements, projects developed and implemented them personaly. Primer: Self mastered the software independently and successfully conducted business negotiations, effectively supervised subordinates, and so n

Reasons for changing jobs (from leaving the organization, moving to another location). This may be a change in the profile of the organization, the closure of units, personnel changes in the organization, change of residence, etc.

Conclusions. Brief and specific assessment of competence, competencies recommended by his creativity and career opportunities. Recommendation to engage in a particular position or positions (in some cases is desirable to indicate the degree to which you refer people to the desired position: unconditional, strongly, with some reservations, not recommend). Example: John Smith is fluent in technology ... (has large experience with the server software ... or ... can work independently with corporate clients ... etc.). I believe that Mr. Smith can effectively perform the duties of head of department, working as chief of department, deputy head of computing department of the company middle managers.

Contact information of the person signing the letter. This point is especially important for letters of recommendation, drawn up by private individuals, since it is possible that the new employer, read a letter of recommendation, want to clarify parts. Rules clearance letter of recommendation to comply with general rules of registration of business letters.